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The Ontological Argument

My God can beat the devil out of your God
Throws thunderbolts with ease
He alone is spiritual perfection
Did not evolve from chimpanzees

He eats Mars for breakfast Galaxies for tea
Is merciful to sinners ignores the pleas of amputees
He warms the bed on a frosty night
And suffocates all the fleas

Recently whilst attempting to negotiate my way
Through the morality maze of present day
In heightened states did stop awhile to contemplate
That if God’s message is salvation why speak of separation
Retaliation eternal damnation in theatres of hate
Only a dictator would point a finger of blame
Require unspeakable acts be done in thy name
A warrior king divide and rule
Distort the truth the light the way

Project fear a pub with no beer
Doubts have appeared cracks in the veneer
Fracturing the cultural bedrock of all I hold dear
Why will me into existence then from the moment of conception
Try make me disappear
My smart phone has developed feelings
The stars don’t know I’m here

I struggle with the idea that an omnipotent creator
Here there everywhere the grand designer of la misère
Could sit in judgement verdict declare
Grant me redemption or eternal despair
Pretending to have no prior inclination to the culmination of events
If all the whilst was there
Why would any master of the universe give a damn or even care
If all along knew the outcome of the entire sordid affair?

I question the authority of self-appointed self-anointed messianic types
To speak of ubermensch preach draconian codes for life
From spiteful holy books filled with kryptonite
Swallowed up whole by Zombie like acolytes fed the lie
That in the grand scheme of holographic simulation by artificial means
They alone hold the bragging rights to an exclusive version of a utopian dream
Amidst the confusion I have arrived at the conclusion
Religion is socialism farting however blasphemous to some that may seem

Schism mind blowing decisions head on collisions
Highway to hell road to perdition
Which coping mechanism which ethical prison
is the more righteous path
Abraham or Brahman fairy tales of the ancients taken as fact
A patriarchal figure sat on a cloud
Who looks like yer dad?

Which invisible friend no beginning no end
Which opiate to best sedate the masses
Stifle meaningful debate
Where is the evidence incontrovertible proof
Show me this demiurge that hides in clear view
Should I fear the reaper or look a little deeper
For patterns in the emergent pixilated truth?

Wishful thinking leap of faith for the sake of future days
No sympathy no affinity with any kind of brain washed Zionist
Unscientific Scientologist non-specific narcissist
Or life of Brian fantasist
No pity for the Jihadist that sacrificed everything
Paid the ultimate price to rid the world of jinn
Who now resides in Jahannam with 79 nagging virgins
Not one will copulate with him

Secular moral philosophy in a fair and caring
Wealth sharing society is how it should and ought to be
I am comforted by the thought that I am living a life
No saviour worth his salt would condemn could not forgive or disagree

On the balance of all known possibilities I choose to believe in me
Be the best version of myself I can possibly be
Encourage my latently suppressed altruistic tendencies
Arrest temptation toward normalisation of unchecked desire
For the sole purpose of self-aggrandisement
When faced with the darkly stark options
Between personal hell or blood libel I go with earthly purgatory

Never ending story the filth the fury
Gravitational forces pulled apart by crazy horses
Mine eyes have seen the glory
No greater sinner than me
A colony of fire ants float merrily down the stream
Selfless concern for the welfare of others life is but a dream
Dance joyous cosmology a message to you Rumi
Life’s grim contest is all everything changes but trees

So if there’s no afterlife no pearly gates or day of reckoning be
Ain’t no big deal no great shakes
All is well that ends with me

Post Script

Too legit to quit at the risk of chattin’ shit
May I humbly posit an altar native ontological priori
A layman’s attempt to reason rationalise
The staggering complexities of cause and effect
The subjective perspective of an autodidact
Concerning the nature of being and the ghost in the tesseract

A response to age old questions who made me what went bang
Where do I fit in with the scheme of the plan?
The frank opinions of testosterone fuelled nostro uomo vitruvian man
The whole caboodle enchilada shouting match shebang
It took 13.7 billion years for me to get here
I feel therefore I am

Walking tall stood erect
Displaying nefarious characteristics of the one hundredth monkey effect
A critique ascertained through patient inquiry
Deduced from common sense full blown
Stockholm syndrome sentient homo sapien life experience
Love of wisdom out there on the road
Eeking out a meagre living in this unforgiving
Holocene epoch of great uncertainty for reasons yet unknown

Cold hard facts opposites attract no more terrible secrets
Challenging conventional wisdom traditional narratives
Conspiracy theories urban myths
A work of staggering genius
A mad rant stating the bleedin’ obvious not too easily dismissed
A pointless exercise away with the faeries
That’s just the way it is

Holy gnosis smell the neurosis
A general theory of everything
From osmosis to Chris Moses
A whiff of fresh air to neutralise dragon breath nullify dogmatic halitosis
Which offend the chemoreceptor sensory cells that live up people’s noses

Treatise origin of species an uncorrupted thesis redolent of love
A reconfiguration of all the pieces in the puzzle
Oh Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood
Bridge the divide between lost tribes and gentiles
Reunite sunnis shiites loony left brigade alt right troglodytes
Lonely pantheists eighth stage atheists satanists creationists infidels jedi knights
Reinvigorate the lives of all ye agnostic tykes with immaterial gripes that
Cherry pick the best bits from star sign premium lines

Welcome back to the light you I have missed
Everybody welcome you’re all on the list
It’s the best disco in town called live and let live
Come on everybody let’s do the twist

Sisters brothers to each other be kind
Bow heads together in praise of penicillin the miracle of modern times
Be mindful that the chance of viable apocalyptic antibiotic mutation misuse is high
The geek shall inherit the earth if the rest of youse don’t mind
Take responsibility seize control of the primeval fury raging in your own savage soul
If we aint trading we are at war all we are we leave behind

Calling all earthlings weak and strong ye Whites ye Wongs tumultuous throng
So very precious capable of such beauty each and every one
Imitate good do unto others as you would have done
Let revenge be the laughter of your children there is no thing higher than you
Limitless undying love shines before us like a million suns
Whispers continue after we are gone
Peace unity justice apes together strong

Exponential mind expansion DNA coded strands
Fetch in more wood fetch in more sand
Create better versions of ourselves
Evolution is pitiless all merciful is man

We are dead stars looking back at the sky
Intuitive manipulative highly developed thrill seeking organisms wanting to ride the lightning
Scheming for a brighter future better things to come
Terraforming transforming into a supreme being ad infinitum
In the relative proportions of 9:3:3:1
Tetragrammaton thy will be done
Type three civilisation the race has begun

Simply put it is this
God is a work in progress
Alpha omega now is it
Doppler shift big picture incomplete
It aint over till its over
If you catch my red drift

Until such time as trans humankind can overcome death
Transcend cosmic consciousness go beyond miraculous
Become biocentric infinity machines that can access dreams
Waves particles everywhere at once
Traverse the multiverse quantum loop in cahoots with the absolute
Decode the finer details in the akashic gobbledygook
Know the total sum of all that was is yet to be
And in this moment is
One in blissful union with the entire anamnesis
Of each and every carbon and silicon based entity that ever lived
Then shall divine exist

Enlightenment is the complete eradication
Of everything we imagine to be true
To understand the meaning is to live forever

God is knowledge in our hands
Serving creativity at peace with itself
Trying to get by with a little help from its friends
Make order from chaos a world without end
In memory of memory


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