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Barry Normal Average Joe let creative juices flow Home alone in Scholes Zarathustra Almustapha Streams of consciousness

Streams of Consciousness

I am Barry Normal also known as average Joe
Non-descript ordinary from head to toe
That felt compelled to take up ones pen
Let creative juices flow

For your perusal a collection of odes
And carefully crafted anecdotes
Verbal outpourings throw away quotes
Rhymes and misdemeanours smatterings of dodgy prose

The musings of an ape man home alone in Scholes
A cracked actor that fluffed his best lines
Scuppered the roles
Exotic herbs a play on words
Poetry in motion dragged over hot coals
There is nothing either good or bad
But thinking makes it so

I am self-aware the only one I know
37 trillion cells of throbbing gristle cho
Welcome to my one man band imagination show
Intense self-reflection a precise introspection live from the pleasure dome

Sex sensuality Riemann’s Hypothesis
I employed the literary technique of parataxis
Took the sum of all the parts turned them into this
An explanation exploration of an epic mid-life crisis
So it is

Zarathustra my heart Almustafa my soul
Prometheus gave fire led me in from the cold
From out of the depths of a terrible despair
Phoenix like I rose
To speak of truth the hardest lesson learned
Hell it have no rage like love to hatred turned

Ecstatic flights burial sites warts and all no compromise
Xenophanes  trilobites to engage energise
I made it all up as I went along sometime did plagiarise
In advance I apologise to those of youse that own the copyrights

In my defence I say that qubit deconstruction reconstructed
That offers an insight
Into the rapid expansion of an externalised mind
From the point of view of the light
Its self doth justify

So without further ado let me introduce to you
Spectacular vernacular awkward portmanteaus
There’s a fly in the ointment stuck in the groove
A bee in my bonnet twice I removed
The service here is terrible likewise the food
Waiter! there are streams of consciousness
In this doggerel soup

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