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The vital impulse
The fifth classic element
The most perfect embodiment of consciousness and nature

I am a poet I am a musician
A part time magician full time adherent of the Tesla tradition
That evoked the no ego Quintessence out of the ether into existence
a quintessential sing along 50 song repertoire viva la resistance

No audience glare zero fanfare
An in depth analysis on the whys and wherefores of tortoises and hares
Detailing the sonic adventures of a space cadet on a perilous mission
That deals with the aftermath toxic fall out from a great war of attrition
In a 5 album set from just a position

Songs of desolation with nihilistic themes
The flaw of attraction broken down dreams
Cringing scenes selfish genes every rhythm of that virtuosity
Jukebox jive marital strife all points in between

Popular culture organised sound
Messed around with tempo beats and catchy maladies
In search of the profound
Went out to work each day to pay the bills both feet on the ground

Written from the ringside with laughs along the way
The underdog against the odds somehow made the grade
An act of God a Manichean play
A fluke a happy accident some may say
Zippa de do da serendipity day

For general amusement it includes Disney spells looney tunes
Extreme mood swings romantic interludes
And for lovesick individuals a different kind of blues

Tall stories morbid fascinations
Bad vibes good vibrations
The travelogue of a small cog
In an immense musical machination

An antidote some aural relief
A comfort blanket in an empty state of disbelief
To ward off the worst effects of
Chronic loneliness and compassion fatigue
An exit strategy for when your boat has sprung a leak
And you find yourself without a paddle whilst canoeing up shit creek
Orbiting the sun not having much fun
At 66,000 miles per hour as we speak

On the go music chorus and verse
The sublime the ridiculous the downright absurd
Mind over matter the use of will power
To overcome personal problems and spiritual dilemmas

Carl Stipetic awesome repertoire
Cubase in yer face Ziggy played guitar
Out of dark matter an existential noir
From edge of empire a muso’s account of the story thus far
Boney was a warrior Jean Francois

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Who are you not to shine in the light?
Rough justice soundtracks for life
A users guide on how to survive the rollercoaster ride
When the eternal universe attempts quantum suicide
Stand well back hold on tight
Just because you’re breathing it don’t mean that you’re alive