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Ode to Joy

Cometh the hour
For the ashes of your Fathers
And the temples of your Gods
Ode to Joy

A Celtic tiger playing for England
Everywhere is conflict everything is a contradiction
Heard the sound of distant drums mothers give up your sons
Old men have declared war and youth must fight and die

I am the dreamer who lived the dream
A one man army battalion of me
Fighting for survival await my arrival
At the height of the fighting I salute you my rival

Crocodile tears
The loudest patriots
Are the greatest profiteers

Hail Caesar let slip the dogs of war
Transform this dirt poor troubadour into a tour de force
Defender of empire state master of my fate
Captain oh my Captain our enemy is at the gate

Promises that I must keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Paladin on the Somme Armageddon
Trailing clouds of glory still they come

A thousand yard stare
Trembling there
On the brink of insanity

In my arena conflict is theatre
Across the Steppe we drive nobody here gets out alive
A face that launched a thousand ships
Truth sits upon thy lips
Stare in to the abyss ignorance is bliss

Hit the ground running destruction so stunning
Whom the Gods love die young
Always be ready steady boys steady
We fight we conquer again and again

Love and devotion
Washing our boots
In the Indian Ocean

Widow maker media writer
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter
A starving man at his master’s gate
Predict the ruin of the state
Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains

There can be no peace ‘til everyman is free
There is no sin but stupidity
There is a church there is a steeple
Six feet of earth make all men equal

At the stetting of the sun
The Valkyrie have sung

Boy soldier marching through Georgia
Love and devotion boys will be boys
From Atlanta to the sea

To save your world you asked this man to die
Would this man could he see you now ask why?

There aint nothing more peaceful than a dead man.