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Life Intimidating Art

Cave drawings severed heaven
God is dead 9/11
Ventriloquists with depression
Don’t want to set a bad impression

Outline sketch steps retraced
A sucker for a pretty face
Da da da cut and paste
Artistic licence waste of space

Breaking Bad the Iliad
The motherland colossus of Volgograd
These dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had

Never complain revulse convulse
Set the bulls of Pamplona loose
Never explain distort confuse
Act on impulse join in the abuse

Philip Roth jerking off
Semen stains seared into cloth
Nervous energy smokers cough
Midnight oil writers block

Patronage royal decree
Paranoia third degree
The defendant in the trial of the century
Stands accused of heresy
For outraging public decency
And having the audacity to think freely

A man of Dutch origin ripped off his own ear
The more that you suffer the more you endear
Under the cosh an appointment with fear
The charge of the light brigade Ligetis atmospheres
Grotesque caricatures Kilroy was here

Fuck art let’s dance
A standing prick knows no conscience
Methinks ethics are a nonsense
Peace breaks out violence transcends
Artisans new romantic partisans
Join hands around The Wicker Man

The indigenous people of South America
Could not see the Conquistador ships
Because a word to describe them did not exist
Rendering them powerless to resist the onslaught of death cult activists
Every picture tells a story that goes beyond the infinite
Art for art’s sake say culture vultures through hysterical lips

Suspended animation
Locked in a vault a threat to creation
The last small pox virus sleeps in deep hibernation
Dreams of release golden fleece feeling at ease
To wipe out civilisation continue the endless relentless battle
between life and annihilation

Art imitates life
Life intimidates art
Illumination free expression
Enough to break a lover’s heart