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Death Warmed Up

Flippin’ heck
Who took the bolts out of your neck
Are you a relative of Shrek
Or some woebegone Klingon with no bling on
Slung out of Star Trek?

Hideous grotesque unwashed unblessed
Death obsessed a man possessed
An inbred with a misshapen head
I look into the bathroom mirror see myself
Staring back at the living dead

In catacombs I lick my wounds
Ponder the subtle differences between
The mean reds and the blues
Discarded grots sweaty socks contribute
To the all-pervading reek of miasmic perfume

Bruised confused not fit for purpose no longer of use
Self reflect on my own unique set of interpersonal issues
Ugly episodes no win scenarios
Scrunching man sized snotty tissues
Chronic self neglect little self respect
My nearest and dearest have all upped and left

I have taken to my bed much prefer to hide away instead
Reading extracts from Ecclesiastes to soothe the savage breast
In distress I reside in a midden of my own detritus
Laid prostrate my own fate I try second guess
Only wanted to be loved not face this acid test
Terror management theory is what I do best

Wired depressed no right to happiness
Sick and tired of being sick and tired everything is meaningless
Riddled with doubt tortured by regret
I was the baddest man in dismal land I buried all the rest

The grim reaper and the four horsemen wait in the other room
I heard them speak in no uncertain terms that I am to be discontinued
They say embrace death each must perish all must die
Me that doth include
Come this time tomorrow I’ll be yesterday’s fake news
Fuck ‘em all feed ‘em rice is my couldn’t care less attitude

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