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Beatles Fan Insect Scandal

There is nothing more annoying than a disorientated fly
Constantly crashing into doors bouncing off of walls
Colliding with venetian blinds
All the while emitting an angry band saw ear piercing grind
That grates and irritates and drives one out of one’s mind

A bitter end a sad demise
Any last prayers before you die
I am a Titan with the power to decide
and you are small fry
a carrier of parasitic protozoa and e-coli
I give you fair warning that the swat team has been mobilised

But what good be gained satisfaction derived
If I was to exterminate the only other witness to this comedy divine
I am your observer and you in turn are mine
Planes of existence we can each verify

So I have unrolled the snoozepaper
Set aside the initial desire to spray insecticide
A noble beast an instrument of thy peace
Could not hurt a fly
St Francis of Assisi would understand the reason why

Homo sapien magic fly
A thousand twinkles in each compound bug eye
In eureka moment metamorphosized left unhappiness behind
Beatles fan insect scandal
Was splashed across the front page of the Fortean Times