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Anybody seen Ashy

School of hard knocks
Guantanamo shocks
I’m looking for a Rastafarian in Whitelocks
He could be in Beeston or EEP
Working at the door of the Skyrack Headingley
Could be in Jamaica or Islamabad
Could be Hamas could be Mossad
In Chapeltown for a Tridentine mass
A brand new convertible is out of my class

He said something about a Yardie
Watching Laurel and Hardy
3 men to a cell in a prison called Armley
Pianorama a black and white drama
The thief the fool the gambler
In Pax Americana

Second Generation just like me
Doing the Haka with Stewart outside Jacomellis
Divine nation Royal Park after dark
Watching Michelangelo’s vital spark
Inflationary universe Burley Road
Feels like the streets are gonna implode
Kobayashi king of the Jews
I’m searching for a minotaur and his muse.

Playing them songs all night long
Boom diddy boom diddy boom boom boom diddy

He lost a brother in the Istanbul night
He lost another who took his own life
Men killing God God killing men
Modus operandi no comprende my friend
Ancient mariner washed up on the rocks
How come one shepherd own all the flocks
Hey good looking what you got cooking
You’re going home in an ambulance

Mother Shipton Abel and Cane
The second coming on Harehills Lane
Stardust memories shared history
Assimilation in the land of the free
So take it to the door Halton Moor
The Prophet has left LS14
Belle Isle believes string of beads
Sowing them seeds in the fields of Athenry

Anybody seen Ashy?
Burley Road Ashy

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